Defensive Positioning In Baseball

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Defensive Positioning In Baseball

Coach Bob McCreary

A player cannot be a spectator on defense!

On every play there is somewhere to be.

Coaches who can get their players on defense to be in the right place at the right time immediately improve their team's defense.

Defensive Positioning in Baseball (click for a sample) provides 89 pages of content for a huge variety of infield and outfield plays. Visual diagrams, clear written explanations, and video are provided to teach coaches and players where all the position players should be on the plays. Bunt plays, rundowns, and even pitches to the backstop are covered as well along with valuable content to help players learn other defensive tips and fundamentals necessary for success at each position.

Coach Bob McCreary is a former professional shortstop, pitcher, and coach who has been passing on his vast knowledge of the game to players, parents, and coaches for over 30 years. He is the founder of the Baseball By The Yard website that has been dedicated to teaching the finer points of the great game of baseball.

Don't just hope that players know where to go. Use this book to teach them!

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